Let's Talk Glass: Repairing an IGU

Let’s Talk Glass: Repairing an IGU

Kimberly Denman

Window glass looking less than stellar? Over time, temperature fluctuations, changes in atmospheric pressure, sunlight, wind, water and humidity can negatively affect window glass. Don’t fret over IGU replacement. Cracked or foggy insulated glass units (IGUs) are easily and affordably repairable.

Check This Out Do I Have IGUs?

Sometimes referred to as double or triple glazed, insulated glass units simply refer to double or triple-pane windows. This window type features spacing between panes that slows the transfer of hot and cold air through window glass, boosting insulating power. Many styles add gases like non-toxic argon, krypton, or xenon, which are denser than air, to improve performance.

buy Lyrica in dubai Are My Windows a Candidate for IGU Repair?

Foggy, discolored, distorted, and even cracked IGUs may not require costly replacement. In many cases repair offers a simpler, more affordable option:

  • find out here now Condensation Removal
    In newer windows, if the seal is intact but condensation has still resulted from temperature fluctuations, moisture can be professionally removed with a minimally invasive procedure. A  very small hole is drilled into window glass, and a solution sprayed within to dry window fog.   
  • plaquenil cost pharmacy Seal Repair
    Condensation or a foggy appearance between panes is often the result of seal stress or broken seals. This is not only unsightly, but diminishes the insulating properties of windows, effecting comfort control and energy costs. In severely discolored glass, IGU replacement glass may be necessary (see below). With simple condensation, however, careful cleaning and seal replacement can restore foggy glass to clear, sparkling condition. For this, IGU seals must be removed, followed by the effected panes. Once separated, the insides of all panes are cleaned meticulously and care taken to remove all traces of moisture. Windows are then reassembled, resealed, and insulating gases (if any) restored.
  • IGU Replacement Glass
    Cracked or distorted panes can be replaced, and windows repaired, without replacing the entire window. First, the old distorted or cracked glass is removed. Measurements for replacement glass are then carefully taken, and a new sheet of glass obtained. The new, precisely sized glass is slid into place, seals replaced, and insulating gases addressed.

When to Replace Windows

IGUs with serious breaches or in severe disrepair no longer offer an effective thermal barrier. Because windows account for 25 percent of your home’s heat loss, they can quickly lead to an uncomfortable home and high energy bills. In these cases, window replacement offers the most complete fix and a wiser long-term investment.

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Source: Glass Doctor