January 2017


Maintain Your Home During Winter | Glass Doctor of Victoria Blog

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Jiaxing Get your home ready for the winter months and enjoy a much more comfortable living environment while saving money on heating costs. For many homes, replacing old, drafty windows is an excellent first step to preparing a home for winter. Investing in window glass repair, replacement and upgrades will pay off all year long with lower energy costs. Glass Doctor® of Raleigh provides a wide range of comprehensive winter glass repair and installation solutions. If you are interested in improving your home this winter, consider a few of these simple window glass repair and maintenance options.

Preventative Maintenance

neurontin 1800 mg The best approach to preparing your home for the winter is to commit to a regular preventative maintenance program and address issues before they get out of hand. Glass Doctor of Raleigh offers a member’s only Advantage Plan to better serve our loyal clients. With this service plan, you will enjoy big savings on future window glass repair, prioritized scheduling, a no-cost home inspection and a protection guarantee against broken or damaged glass for the length of your plan.

Ensure Windows are Properly Sealed

Boguszów-Gorce Invest in some weather strips for drafty windows to create a more consistent indoor temperature. Drafty windows will constantly leak heated air, causing your heater to work overtime to compensate, costing you money. Poorly sealed windows are also susceptible to fogging up, negatively effecting curb appeal. Glass Doctor of Raleigh will perform a free in-home evaluation during a time that works best for you and seal windows as needed. For older windows, however, upgrading to more energy efficient glass may be the better solution.

Install Double Pane Windows

Double pane windows are perfect for homeowners looking to prepare their house for the winter. Double pane windows or IGUs (Insulated Glass Units) are engineered to drastically improve the insulating properties of the home. Heat transfer is greatly minimized with these windows along with noise pollution. A pocket of air between the two panes of glass is often filled with argon or krypton to further enhance its insulating qualities. To resist moisture, an absorbing desiccant spacer is placed between the panes.

Before the worst of winter sets in, consider taking a few of these steps to bolster your home’s defenses against inclement weather and cold. Glass Doctor of [franchise:location- name] will work quickly and efficiently to create a more comfortable space for you and your family. Contact our specialists over the phone today or simply fill out a quick service request online for immediate assistance.

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