DIY Project: Repurposing Old Windows We Love

DIY Project: Repurposing Old Windows We Love

Kimberly Denman

If you live in an older home, replacing your windows may be a bittersweet experience. You’re excited to save energy and restore functionality for ventilation when you need it, but your old windows had such charm – it’s a shame to just throw them away.

That’s where the idea of repurposing comes in. Why not turn your old windows into something useful or decorative for your home? You’ll keep a perfectly reusable window frame out of the landfill and improve the aesthetics of your home with the addition of DIY artwork. Here are five great projects to inspire you.

Dilantin where to buy Kitchen Pot Rack

To reclaim storage space in the kitchen and add a decorative feel to the space, why not hang a few of your best pots and pans from the ceiling? Instead of spending a lot on a store-bought pot rack, make your own with an old window frame and few key pieces of hardware. The entire project can cost $10 or less and add a great vintage feel to your kitchen.

Get the full instructions from The Frugal Girl. Accessory Organizer

Staying organized is tough, isn’t it? What if you had a decorative way to display and organize your jewelry, sunglasses and scarves? With an old window frame covered in chicken wire, you have just that!

All you need to do is cut the wire down to size and staple it to the back of the frame. You might also want to spray paint the old window a bright color to make it look less like a window frame and more like an accessory organizer. Keep the hardware in place for added character or remove it – it’s up to you.

Get the full instructions from Brit+Co.

chloroquine phosphate tablets over the counter Magnetic Chore Chart

If you’re always pestering your kids to do their chores, you’ll love this window repurposing idea. Chore charts are functional, but they’re usually not very pretty. However, an old window frame with a sheet of tin attached to the back makes the perfect magnetic surface to serve as a decorative chore chart. With custom magnets displaying your children’s faces and individual chores you expect them to complete, it’s easy to move the magnets from the “to do” side to the “completed” side.

Honestly, you can use the magnetic surface for anything you want, including displaying pictures, hanging memos, or showcasing anything else you would stick on the refrigerator.

Get the full instructions from Decor Allure.

Discover More Decorative Window Box

You can always install a window box below your new windows to enjoy your favorite flowers, but you can even upcycle your old your window with flowers of its own. Hang the window frame on a fence or shed wall that could use a little sprucing up. Add a window box below it with holes for drainage. Shutters add another pop of color if you want. Plant whatever flowers you want and watch them bloom and grow all summer long.

Get the full instructions from Giraffe Legs.

Window Shelf

It’s nice to have a ledge to place knickknacks and spruce up your living room. With an old window frame, brackets and a 2×4, you can create a custom floating shelf for any room in your home. The idea works whether the window is missing the glass panes or not.

Get the full instructions from Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer.

We came up with even more ideas for repurposing old windows – check them out! If you get creative and implement any of these window repurposing projects, we’d love to see them. Share your creations on the Glass Doctor® Facebook page.


Source: Glass Doctor